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Category: Authority Marketing

10 Ways Authoring A Book Creates Instant Thud Factor

Thud factor

When authoring a book, there are a lot of benefits that you get as a result. It’s been described as Thud Factor -not just the noise a book makes when landing on a desk, but the impact it creates for you and your business. Some of theses benefits may surprise you.

Here are 10 ways that authoring a book creates Thud Factor:

  1. When someone Googles your name,  your book listing will come up on page one of those search results
  2.  Many people want to write a book, statistics 80%, and yet very few do statistics a 1%. That immediately sets you apart as a doer, and action taker, and garners you instant respect and credibility
  3. You are seen as an expert
  4. You are seen as credible
  5. You come up in searches based on your topic
  6. Your book can come up in searches alongside industry titans – giving you equal billing and credibility
  7. You have the best business card possible. Take a few of your books to your next in person event, and watch the reaction when you hand someone a copy of your book. Want to have/see thunderous thud factor? Autograph it for them!
  8. Your book provides brand enhancement
  9. You attract better clients – ones who are willing to pay your top fee
  10.  You have a great sense of pride and accomplishment


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