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Leadership Book Details

Leadership Book Details


7 paths leadership success w Spine
Cover Draft – not final art

The Project:  Publish a book on Business Leadership featuring 7 -10 unique business leaders, each featured in their own chapter. Our Book promotion campaign is guaranteed to achieve bestseller status*.

The Process:

No Writing on your part!

We interview you to extract your genius, in your own words, to create the basis for your chapter.

Our professional team takes it from there. We handle all of  the rest…the production, packaging, editing and book promotion.

*All of our books to date have been Amazon bestsellers [our team has created over 70 bestsellers, usually ranking in multiple categories]

Publication Date:  January  2016

[su_quote cite=”Alzay Calhoun, Pres. Coveted Consultant” url=””] “I highly recommend you work with Jane and her team. She did everything for me including ranking it as a best seller.

I have been told multiple times that I should write a book. Well, every time I try and sit down and write…nothing happens. The idea of writing that many words at one time is overwhelming and stops me before I start.

Jane gave me a process to follow so that the book would be done professionally and in a reasonable timeframe. Her system handles everything in a step-by-step manner including book title, cover art, content creation, and publishing.

I owe my completed book to Jane’s system.”[/su_quote]

Benefits for you, as a Published, Bestselling author: 

  • Instant credibility, authority and expert status
  • Boost confidence
  • Boost your business brand
  • Boost promotional opportunities [media coverage and interviews, speaking gigs…]
  • More visibility [author profile on Amazon, book & author promotional campaign, co-promotion by your co-authors..]
  • Attract more, better, pre-sold prospects
  • Leverage book to get podcast, radio, TV interviews
  • Check it off your bucket list  [it’s been on it for ages]
  • Attract more, better partners and opportunities
  • And much, much more…

If you are serious about co-authoring this book, please use my calendar and let’s set up a time to speak.

I’ll provide you with all the details, and answer all your questions then. Looking forward to speaking with you!


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