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Paris Book Writing Retreat – Author Your Bestseller in 2024

Paris Book Writing Retreat 2024

April 15th - 20th

Paris Book Writing Retreat

Uncover Your Book Idea While Sipping Wine in the Cafe Flore

The Paris Book Accelerator Retreat is for women entrepreneurs and professionals who want to write a business-building book.

The retreat is hosted in the heart of Paris by best-selling author and book mentor Jane Tabachnick, the founder of Simply Good Press.

Come for the writing – emerge with the spirit of a Parisian woman, more aligned with your chic inner goddess and forever transformed by the beauty, creativity, and inspiration that permeates every inch of the City of Lights. 

You’ll leave with your book draft & clarity on your path to bestseller.


Why attend a writing retreat in Paris?

 The benefits of Paris writing retreats dedicated to writing a book are many. Here is an overview: 

  • Focus – time out of your daily routine and responsibilities to devote time and brain power to your own work and book concept
  • Mentoring – expert guidance on writing a great book – one that will help you achieve your business goals.
  • Camaraderie – a small group of your peers – who said writing has to be a lonely endeavor?
  • Peer feedback – validate your book idea and get ongoing feedback and support
  • Travel and adventure – combine writing your book with travel to a great destination and new adventures
  • Personal and professional transformation – the retreat is designed to help you uplevel and grow personally and in your writing
  • Work towards a goal – the retreat is designed to help you create a complete vision and Book Blueprint for your book, along with a solid action plan
  • The city of Paris – a great location with a history of inspiring creativity
  • Great backdrop for author photos – we’ll capture iconic photos of you to grace your back cover

“My results have been phenomenal. Thanks to Jane’s work and guidance, my book is now being used as a tool in a training program at AT&T. I’ve been tapped as a top trainer by the Tony Robbins Organization, and I’m a sought-after thought leader.

If you’re someone who is considering writing a book or looking for a publisher, I highly recommend Jane. Self-publishing can be a daunting fast; Jane will provide you with the tools and support to get your project out there and into the hands of people that can benefit from your work.” – Frederica A. Peterson, Author and DEI Consultant


Who is it for?

Professional and entrepreneurial women who want to write a business-building book. Our clients typically are coaches, consultants, professionals, and healers who are successful at what they do, yet may feel under-recognized. The retreat is geared towards self-publishing but will be valuable for authors who want to attract a literary agent and follow a traditional publishing route. Our authors want to write books in these genres: Self-Help, How-To, Leadership, Health and Wellness, Spirituality, Hybrid Memoir.


The writer’s retreat is designed to be an immersive experience with workshops, writing exercises, cultural events, and special meals. Based on the proven method used by NY Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling authors, participants will brainstorm, plan, and outline their book, gaining total clarity on their book idea and path to publishing through our Book Blueprint process. They’ll also be guided on writing creative nonfiction as they begin to author their book. Our Paris writers’ retreat will be a small group of up to twelve participants.


Morning workshops focus on developing the book concept, author mindset, and book draft.  Afternoons offer a time to enjoy cultural activities and inspire participants. Attendees will enjoy a mix of classic tourist sites and some of the magical, under-the-radar Paris locations and activities that Jane has discovered during her time there and can’t wait to share.  Shared group meals offer a time to relax, share ideas, bond with fellow attendees, and enjoy Paris’s sensual, gourmet delights.

We’ve designed our Paris Book Writing Retreat meticulously. The itinerary is complete with a joyful combination of workshops, accommodations, and activities, so attendees don’t have to plan or think about what to do. They can just show up ready to work on their book in our nonfiction workshops. Of course, there is some free time built in so attendees can have downtime or plan an activity of their own.


The Paris writing workshop includes:

  • Daily lessons and writing workshops
  • Find your voice session
  • Gourmet group meals
  • Cultural tours and activities
  • Photos session with a professional photographer
  • Free time to explore the city on your own

Why Paris? The City of Lights is the perfect place as it has attracted and inspired writers like Ernest Hemingway, Mark Twain, Gertrude Stein, and many others. It continues to be a special place that attracts and inspires creativity. Jane considers Paris her 2nd home and loves to explore the city and share some of the hidden gems she discovers in the city.


The creative writing workshops offer time to brainstorm, plan, and map out your book in an inspired setting. The activities will include cultural and historical tours, including iconic sites like The Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral. Our left bank writers retreat occurs on the right bank, so we can show you a part tour of Paris, as you have never seen her in the guidebooks.


What is The Book Blueprint? How do you write a great book? 

Success leaves clues. New York Times and Wall Street Journal Bestselling authors follow a proven process to become successful authors – the book proposal. It is the well-thought-out, clearly defined pitch they make to an agent or publisher to try and secure a publishing deal. The basis for the book proposal is the process of getting clear on your book idea and effectively communicating it to entice others to want to know more. Based on the same foundation, the Book Blueprint is designed to give authors total clarity about the book they want to write. Taking the time to define their ideal reader, the type of book they want to write, and their author goals before putting pen to paper provides a clear vision and roadmap for their journey. By taking the time to define every aspect of their book, including a detailed table of contents, authors can create a high-quality book to share their knowledge, message, and methods more widely and consistently. It helps authors identify their publishing and profitability paths. The Book Blueprint also creates a smoother, more stress-free author journey, eliminating writer’s block.


Let’s face it: writing a book for the first time can feel overwhelming and confusing. Having an experienced book coach provide expert mentoring and guidance makes the process feel doable and ensures faster, better results. You’ve worked hard to create your success and build a brand that reflects the quality of your work. You want your book to be high quality to attract more ideal, high-paying clients.


Imagine having total clarity on the book you want to write, your publishing path, what content to include in your book, a step-by-step timeline, as well as an idea of your go-to-market book launch strategy. How confident will you feel with this much clarity around your book? An added benefit of the retreat is meeting the other amazing people attending. You may form lifelong friendships and professional connections. You leave with a support network of like-minded entrepreneurs and professionals on the same author journey as you. They can become accountability partners and motivational support networks and become part of your book launch team.


About the host: Jane Tabachnick is a bestselling, award-winning author, book mentor, visibility, and profit activator. Jane has a background in entrepreneurship and PR and has helped author clients get featured in Oprah Magazine, CNN, INC, Entrepreneur, Travel Weekly, and many other media outlets. She has helped over 250 authors achieve bestseller status. Named One of the Top 100 People Online by FastCompany and a Woman of the Future by NY Women’s Agenda, Jane considers herself both a New Yorker and a Parisian.

For more information and to apply to attend, visit