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Publicity, The Lottery and Your 90% Advantage

luck and PRWhen it comes to publicity, there are a few takeaways from the lottery that are worth considering. Getting publicity can feel like winning the lottery as it often comes with a lot of the positive attention and benefits. It can also create a cash windfall it that can help to attract more clients who now see you as a top expert who they are willing to pay top dollar to work with you.

The takeaway I want to bring to your attention is, a concept that has been used to promote the New York state lottery for years. Their campaign slogan: You have to be in it to win it.

It’s an apropos statement that applies to Public Relations. 90% of entrepreneurs and small businesses don’t do any PR, missing out on incredible free opportunities for visibility, increased traffic and recognition, as well as the value of transferred authority that media mentions convey.

Simply by adding PR to your promotional initiatives, you can jump into the top 10% of businesses, many of whom may be your direct competitors. Advantage Yours.
I recently wrote a guest blog post entitled: Why PR Should Be Part of Your Content Strategy

There are 2 great reasons PR should be part of your content strategy.
“We are living in a world now where visibility creates opportunities and reputation builds trust,” according to Dan Schwabel, author of Promote Yourself and a Forbes magazine contributor.

Your content can achieve both for you – create visibility and trust – in one easy step with public relations. Consider this: you are already creating content. Why not designate some of your pieces for public relations. You’ll need a few strategic pieces written for and pitched to targeted media where your audience already flocks.

When it comes to PR, don’t depend on Luck
Unlike the lottery, where luck and odds are your silent partners, PR shouldn’t depend on luck.

By definition, PR is the professional maintenance of a favorable public image by an organization or a famous person. Its also, the technique or process of attracting attention to people, products, etc.

A competitor’s media coverage that you may think was a stroke of luck for them, was most likely the result of a savvy strategy, PR plan and consistent implementation on their part.

I believe that Publicity happens when preparation meets opportunity. By becoming PR savvy and actively creating and implementing a PR strategy – you prepare, create and attract media opportunities on a regular basis.

With the definition of media and the number and type of outlets continually expanding [think Instagram, tablet magazines… ] there are increasing opportunities for media coverage and mentions. Journalists, bloggers, publishers all need steady stream of fresh content and expert sources – in other words they need you and your stories.

Your advantage gets even better if you utilize optimization. Create your pitches and press release on topics of interest to your target audience, utilizing language or keywords that they themselves would use. It helps create an emotional connection with your audience, resonating deeply and helping them connect with you better. It can also help you potentially rank higher in the search engines for your targeted keywords.

Ready for a PR win? Time to get in the game.

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