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Jane Tabachnick

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This is a small sample of what past clients have been able to achieve.)

….helping my company gain national exposure through direct advertising on many television networks…


Jane Tabachnick is an exceptional Digital PR and Content Strategist. She is helping my company gain national exposure through direct advertising on many television networks. Her work is innovative and creative. She is easy to work with, can help to clarify your needs, develop strategies to meet marketing goals, and execute action plans that result in wonderful deliverables. Contact her for all your digital public relations needs! Dr. David Menefee, Ph.D., Owner and CEO, Star Consulting


…if you are a business owner or a coach looking to have your work be seen and recognized…

I’ve tapped into Jane’s expertise as a PR Maven to help me continue to grow and expand my own executive coaching business.
She has awesome tools she’s developed which have helped my articles get more visibility nationwide. Her creative insights and marketing expertise have also been instrumental in helping me to expand the success of my organization.

If you’re a small business owner or coach who is looking to have your work be seen and recognized for your expertise, then I highly recommend Jane!  She’s a joy to work with and always has new ideas to share! Michele Molitor, PCC, CEO Nectar Consulting far one of the best investments I have made this year…

I have successfully generated local media attention and leads for myself and my clients by applying what I learned in Jane’s Course [Publicity Client Magnet], by far was one of the best investments I made this year. I was able to generate media attention and generate leads for my business as well as for my clients. I’ve more than made my money back from this investment.                                        James Stuart, JS Solutions


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