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What is a Podcast Audiogram?

A podcast Audiogram is an audio wave animation. A short animated movie of an audio file. It can be a great way to share a podcast interview or audio clip or sound bite on social media, your website or Youtube.

Think of it as a way to turn .mp3 and .wav audio files into movie files. As a result, listeners are more engaged thanks to the animated sound wave of the audiogram.

Audiograms can include:

  • Images
  • Video
  • Sound waves
  • Captions

Here is a podcast audiogram we created for our 2020 PR & Marketing Predictions:





Audiograms can really boost engagement on social media.

The results of a study  conducted by Headliner found that when they shared a static image with a link to a podcast, and an audiogram for the same show on Facebook, the audiogram generated 5X the results and traffic. The static image generated 118 clicks and the audiogram generated 660.


Three popular tools for creating audiograms are:



Descript –