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Kenneth Cole Uses My PR Tip to Score Big Press- You Should Too!

It’s so much fun when you see your PR tip put to good use… and getting results- Publicity!

Just a quick note to share with you something exciting.. and to encourage you to take advantage of this free tool, if you aren’t already and get set up for more Publicity today!

I am talking about Google Alerts.

Google alerts have been part of my PR tips and toolkit for as long as I can remember. If you have done any of my trainings or been on my list for awhile, you have probably heard me recommend them! It is one of the best free tools you can use to track PR, build a media list, get pitch and content ideas….

In fact I just made a new video for you about how to use Google Alerts – and hadn’t had a to post it yet when… I saw this headline on Time Magazine’s website:

Kenneth Cole Replaces Man’s Stolen Bag After Learning of Theft From Google Alerts read the full article here

I got so excited. Kenneth Cole’s team is using Google alerts as I recommend…and they used the alert to take action, resulting in some great publicity.  Free tool. Free Publicity! How exciting!

This is the kind of PR tool that works for you, no matter what your company size.

I want to make sure you benefit from Google Alerts and maximize this PR tip and get more publicity – I show you how in this video:

It shows you the best way to set up your alerts… and how to use them for the most return on your time.

Update: I have found Talkwalker alerts discover more content than Google Alerts. They are also free- same set up recommended.

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