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Introducing_easy author one sheets

3 Easy Author One Sheet Examples                                            *Danny Iny Template is just for demonstration purposes

Grphic below video

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“Jane just made all our lives easier and
will make you look like a real professional.

Her stunning author media kits are sure to grab the attention of
reporters, speaker organizers and anyone you market to.
I highly recommend getting all the versions of her templates.

Lisa Williams[/addsomebling_box]

I bet you can relate[addsomebling_box bling_pack=”bling_boxes” item=”bbx_black_dashed”] Finding a great designer takes trial and error.

Your aren’t always going to find the best designer
for You and Your Style on the first attempt.

I set out to create a one sheet

After design steps

Easy Author One sheets removes the frustration and hassle
of having to “try on” designers to see if there is a fit. 



Hear are some of the features

EAOS Features 1

below features

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after features 2
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EAOS 5 templates
[/addsomebling_box] [addsomebling_box bling_pack=”bling_boxes” item=”bbx_softgrey”]Template – Petals  Petal Colorways

[/addsomebling_box][addsomebling_box bling_pack=”bling_boxes” item=”bbx_softgrey”] Template – BoogieColorways_Boogie

[/addsomebling_box][addsomebling_box bling_pack=”bling_boxes” item=”bbx_softgrey”]Template – Sleek

Sleek _Colorways[/addsomebling_box][addsomebling_box bling_pack=”bling_boxes” item=”bbx_softgrey”]Template – RondScreen shot 2014-10-27 at 9.50.19 AM[/addsomebling_box][addsomebling_box bling_pack=”bling_boxes” item=”bbx_softgrey”]Template – Frames 

Frames Template Thumbnails[/addsomebling_box]

Testimonials_Easy Author One Sheets_


License Options

EAOS License Options

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A Quick Start Success Guide  


Uber Author Marketing Resource List [/addsomebling_box]